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AS a Founder of the fitness Concept 'FIT4BATTLE' 'FIGHTKLUB PRESENTER MASTER TRAINER' AND  IHP S&C Fitness Coach with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry, 

Daniel-Carlos and his extensive knowledge has led to his appearal and contributory as seen in  'Men's Fitness' Magazine UK including local Community published presses

DCA's PT Experience is Way over the' 7000 hours' of Continual Training with Varying disciplines of training.


Fitness Coach and Sports Conditioning methods are DCA's biggest passion in Which he affiliates with High Profile Schools, Colleges and Universities.  Here he runs Weight Management courses also assisting the Physical Education Departments.

Schools include Kew College, Ibstock Place School & The Harrodian School and many more..... 


Delivering Active tuition to all ages, from children at a cognitive stage of learning to Sports professionals .  This includes all Special Populations



In his earlier days, Daniel-Carlos gained his passion for sports and fitness by training and sprinting competetively for 'Hurcules Wimbledon' at County Level.


Whilst this was a sport he excelled at, it did not stop his physical application while also practicing 'Taekwondo' then leading him into KickBoxing at a school boy level.  


Daniel-Carlos is a qualified Instructor  & FA Club Coach. This has led him to train with local AFC Wimbledon and even taken him as far as the USA where he coached Major League Soccer's D.C.United.



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